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Sep. 1940 TAKADAgumi Ltd. founded.
Jun. 1948 TAKADA Corporation incorporated.
Nov. 1965 First equipment supplied for use at a nuclear energy plant.
Jan. 1966 First overseas project undertaken to construct an ammonium/urea plant in Vadodara, India.
Feb. 1971 Singapore TAKADA Industries Pte. Ltd. established.
Sep. 1982 Sri TAKADA Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.
Nov. 1983 Listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.
Jan. 1993 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange Section 2.
Jul. 1994 Singapore Branch (Current Southeast Asia Branch Office) established.
Jun. 1995 TAKADA Education Center constructed and put in operation.
Feb. 2005 First In-house Skill Competition held.
Apr. 2007 Launched on ultrasonic-related business.
Dec. 2012 Thai TAKADA Co., Ltd. established.
Nov. 2015 Kikuchi Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. acquired.
Feb. 2017 Transferred Thai TAKADA Co., Ltd. to TAKADA Corporation Asia Ltd. as International headquarters.

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