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New Technical Employee Education

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Tapping out potential talent and intelligence from individuals,employees are trained to become independent, aggressive and creative.

Training program for new employees

TAKADA’s training program focuses on training young technicians for an as short as possible period of time. New employees are first sent to their expected workplaces for experiential on-the-job training, and afterward are given the intensive six-month technical training course at the TAKADA Education Center designed to inculcate them with basic techniques all employees are supposed to possess. This training program is designed based on the traditional strategy unique to TAKADA to have candidate technicians full-fledged as useful technicians during the course.

Expert technicians give tutorial instruction to instill necessary skills into candidate technicians.

Development of high-level skilled technicians

TAKADA has implemented an award system for the development of skilled technicians who would reassure customers of TAKADA’s engineering capability, under which technicians are encouraged to attempt recognition for “High-level skilled technician” or “Excellent technician”. TAKADA believes that the generation-to-generation transfer of proud skills and techniques as well as DNAs of ancestor experts is one of corporate missions.

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