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Ultrasonic Cutting System

CSX-400 Series Ultrasonic Cutting System

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Achieved high-speed SiC cutting and improved blade durability!!

High-quality and high-efficiency cutting from difficult-to-cut materials such as SiC or ceramic to composite materials such as glass and resins.


Ultrasonic cutting mechanisms

Blade is rotating with vibration to the diameter direction.

Cutting section details

Features of ultrasonic cutting

Cutting material examples

Cutting materials

The ultrasonic cutting machine is a machine with the ability to cut difficult-to-cut materials such as composite materials - glass and silicon multilayer substrates, etc. - at high speeds and with high quality, including materials with high levels of hardness such as SiC (silicon carbide), LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics), alumina and ceramics, for which mass production with conventional dicing machines has been difficult.

80 μm cut line with SiC cutting

The mass production level in 80μm Street of the SiC wafer, through development of the original spindle and special ultrasonic blade to maximize the ultrasonic effect.

Cutting ability
Cutting speed 20 mm/s (pattern wafer)
Blade life 240m/blade (Approx.20wafers continues cutting in 6inches □3mm chip)

Handles 8 inch wafers

Can cut workpieces up to 8 inches.

Basic Specifications

Model CSX-401 CSX-400
Maximum workpiece size that can be cut 8 inches
Maximum workpiece height that can be cut 2 mm
Operation / display section Touch panel
Utilities 3-phase 200 V 30 A, municipal water, compressed air, liquid waste, ventilation
Machine sizes 1,240(W) x 1,020(D) x 1,700(H) 840(W) x 1,020(D) x 1,700(H)
Weight 1,800 kg 1,500 kg
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