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Single Wafer Wet Processing System

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TWP Series Single Wafer Wet Processing System

TWP Catalog

Production equipment achieving high quality, high functionality, and safety

The machine specialized for the wet treatment processing such as small-diameter, compound semiconductors, new materials and new devices, etc.

Single-Wafer Wet Processing System

  • Completion in a single chamber Complete single-wafer processing.
  • Mechanism to prevent chemical solution from wrapping around to the rear with paddle processing or at low-RPMs.
  • Mechanism to prevent liquid mist and stripped metal re-deposition.
  • Mechanism for effective jet stripping and to prevent liquid mist and stripped metal scatter.
  • Mechanism for effective metal recovery.

Compact Single-Wafer Wet Processing System

  • Jet-liftoff mechanism with high stripping performance
  • Get fewer footprint realized by compact size.
  • Maintenance-free structure on the back-side.
  • Functions from conventional products are followed.
  • One chamber only.
  • Shorter delivery times.

Lift-off and stripping verification tests

Basic Specifications

TWPm Series TWP Series
For use in research and development and small lot trials For use in mass production
Application Lift-off; Resist stripping; Single-wafer process with organic chemical solutions such as cleansers
Wafers Type Silicon, compounds (GaAs, InP, Sapphire, SiC, GaN, etc.)
Size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 inches (simultaneous operation for up to 2 adjacent sizes)
Number of wash chambers 1 2 4
Processing Mechanism High-pressure jet(s) / two-fluid jet(s) / ultrasonic shower(s)
Spin speed Max. 5000 rpm (chemical solution processing: optional/drying: 3000 rpm)
Process liquids Stripping solution, organic solvent, pure water
Chemical solution recovery Circulation recovery, filtration, temperature control system for chemical solutions
Conveyance robot Conveyance unit Double arm SCARA robot(s)
Chuck system Vacuum chuck and mechanical chuck systems
Material Case (SUS polishing), processing unit (SUS-EP)
Standard Machine Size
(Main Unit)
Width 1,200 mm 1,900 mm 1,900 mm
Depth 1,400 mm 2,200 mm 2,900 mm
Height 2,000 mm 2,200 mm 2,200 mm
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