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Skeleton Cut

Pursuing a cut more accurate than in the past!

"Skeleton Cut®" is option for the "CSX-100Lab". This is a system that locks onto the cutting position with more precision.

Superimposed image

Accurately cutting for internal parts by overlapping "X-ray images, etc." (Note 1) and "monitor image of the equipment".

(Note 1: X-ray images, etc. refers to X-ray images, ultrasonic images, drawings, product photos before assembly or sealing, etc.)

Features・Accurately alignment by X-ray which realize watching internal structure.・Screens can be combined automatically by matching two shared points in the images.・Easy alignment is caused that linkage of two images and cutting table movement.

System Configuration

Input image format / recommended image size

(X-ray image, drawing image, etc.)

JPEG, BMP / approximately 1500 x 1000 pixels
PC specifications Dedicated PC (Windows 8)

Circulation unit of Cutting water

Equipment Exterior

circulation unit and Chiller unit

Spare Parts

Tank and Filter

WRF-100CR is cutting water circulation unit for supplying cutting water to the CSX-100Lab.

To recover the waste water from CSX-100Lab, for repeated by particle filter filtration, such as cutting scrap supply, it is possible to significantly reduce the usage of cutting water.

By the water supply and drainage in the plastic tank, even if there is no water supply and drainage facilities to enable the use of the CSX-100Lab.

Cutting water circulation unit specifications
Supply Pressure 0.2 - 0.4 MPa
Water flow Max 3.0 l/min
Leakage control drain pan structure Liquid leakage sensor
Background noise 54 dB
Size 450W mm × 800D mm × 1,500H mm
Weight 80 kg
Filter 3μm / 1μm / 0.5μm
Chiller unit specification
Temperature range 5 - 40℃
Power supply AC200~230V
Size 377W mm × 500D mm × 600H mm
Weight 40 kg

Polishing level hold jig

Level-holding jig for polishing

The jig for additional polish cross-section after cutting in the CSX-100Lab.
Setting the sample on polishing machine with the jig, that will be polished surface.

Applied Size
Model Clamp width
PLH20A Max 27 mm
PLH50A Max 57 mm
PLH90A Max 97 mm


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