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CSX-100 Series Lab Ultrasonic Cutting Machine for cross-sectional observation

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Can produce samples quickly without special skills or expertise!!

The machine specialized to prepare samples for cross-section observation. Saving labor and time in cross-section observation work by using the ultrasonic polishing effect.


  • Polished surface by ultrasonic effect.
  • Cut composite materials included of different hardness such as solder and ceramics.
  • Cut thick work up to 10mm blade.
  • Get precision cross-section with skill-less.
  • Make valid time for other task after system start.
Cutting Examples

Resin hardening and polishing is not necessary.

Cutting Examples

Reducing cross sectional observation sample preparation

Simultaneous “Cutting” and “Polishing the cut” is possible with Polish Cut™.

Cross section Observation Sample Work Flow

Basic Specifications

Model CSX-100Lab
Maximum workpiece size that can be cut 100φ(75Squares)
Maximum workpiece height that can be cut 9 mm
Operation / display section Touch panel
Utilities 3-phase 200 V 30 A, water, compressed air, drain, exhaust
Dimensions 650 mm(W) x 905 mm(D) x 1,350 mm(H)
Weight 350 kg
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