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Create, Build, Protect

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Manufacturing for the sake of manufacturing. Building trust with thorough safety and quality management.

We procure raw materials for machinery and equipment after receiving an order from a customer, manufacture (process and assemble) at our factory,
and deliver to the customer's production factory.
In particular, we primarily install heat exchangers, pressurized containers, and cleaning equipment for semiconductor factories.
We build trust by gathering technical ability and providing our customers with quality products that are completely safe.


Build plants that comprehensive and reliable by fusing accumulated design capability with construction technology.

We perform new construction, expansions, and remodeling for production facilities such as buildings and machinery
on-site at industrial plants such as steel, chemical, oil and natural gas, and nuclear power.
Specifically, we primarily build transportation pipelines for the raw materials, water, steam, etc. required for installing machinery equipment and manufacturing products.
A significant feature of TAKADA's plant engineering is the building of plants
that are comprehensive and reliable by fusing design capability with construction technology.

TECHNIC SCHEDULE MAN Maintenance Optimization The most suitable maintenance is offered by the network which became a trinity.
We provide optimized maintenance using advanced technology that includes facility diagnosis, maintenance, repair, and measures to prevent deterioration so that productivity is always high.

TAKADA promotes “maintenance optimization” for customer facilities
backed by technology and technical skills covering machinery maintenance to maintenance of control systems. We provide comprehensive maintenance so that facilities are always highly productive
based on high-level stability due to extending the service life of equipment and maintaining optimized operations
while promoting the reduction of costs associated with the facility.

Maintenance Systems

Line Robbing, Integration, Discrete Element, Maintenance Work Field 1.Daily Resident Maintenance[Building] 2.Daily Resident Maintenance[Annual contract] 3.Fixed Period Maintenance[Case Contract] 4.Fixed Period Maintenance[Lumping Contract] 5.Maintenance Package in Daily Resident and Fixed Period 6.Diagnosis of Equipment Service[Discrete] 7.Diagnosis of Equipment Service 8.Remote Diagnostic Service 9.Consulting Service 10.Comprehensive Outsourcing Service [Multi-year Contract]

“Proposal-based Kaizen Activities (NK Activities)” to stand with the customer

TAKADA maintenance is not just simply selling technologies and technical skills
but also standing with the customer through “proposal-based kaizen activities (NK activities)” using technology cultivated at numerous plants and the “my machine” campaign for joint responsibility of machinery using highly skilled personnel.

Click here for details on the Proposal-based Kaizen Activities (NK Activities)

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