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High design power and construction management achieve the rationality and a highly reliable plant.
In order to construct a rational plant that best matches the customer’s design conditions, we provide plant engineering that aims to minimize the total cost by maximizing our own expertise and accumulated technical experience. We have received high praise for completing plants as construction scheduled and safely by fusing and making full use of design capability and construction technology.

Project Flow

Project Flow

Project Achievements

Field Construction Achievements
  • Exhaust heat recovery system testing equipment
  • Iron oxide dehydration and drying facility
  • Tar (the sluge) processing facility
Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Various chemical and petrochemical plants (including manufacturing of dewatering towers, reaction tanks (mixers), etc.)
  • Phenol manufacturing facility
  • Monomer manufacturing facilities
  • Gas oil ultra-deep desulfurization facility
Fine Chemicals
  • Thermoplastic manufacturing facility
  • Polycrystalline silicon manufacturing facility
  • Film raw material manufacturing facility
  • Waste plastic recycling facility
  • Film manufacturing facility
  • Alcohol supply facility to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants
  • Blood plasma fraction facilities
  • System to circulate distilled water for injections
  • Fractionation process for blood plasma fraction facilities
  • Bittern production facility
  • Food oil final addition and deodorizing facility
  • Equipment to store and dispense food oil raw materials
  • Washing and deodorizing facility for food Oil
Overseas Projects
  • Project to increase production of organic compounds (Singapore)
  • Equipment to prepare and supply coarse polishing agents to semiconductor manufacturing (Malaysia)
  • Contralized supply system for chemicals solutions (5 solutions) to semiconductor manufacturing (Malaysia)
  • Fluorescent material reprocessing factory (Singapore)
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Engineering Business

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