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Regarding the handling of personal information

Handling Personal Information and Disclaimer
At TAKADA, we recognize the importance of your personal information and the responsibility to protect your privacy. We observe the laws and regulations concerning personal information and other standards as well as work to properly handle your personal information based on the following principles.
Personal Information
Personal information is information about an individual and refers to information that can identify a specific individual through a name, date of birth, or other descriptors included in the information (including information that can be easily compared to other information and thereby allow a specific individual to be identified.).
Safe Management of Personal Information
Every reasonable effort is made to prevent any loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information with appropriate management systems such as the establishment of an in-house management system and thorough employee education.
Personal Information Management Education
We have specified and implemented a personal information management education plan that incorporates necessary education and implementation method to ensure thorough information management.
Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
Collected personal information (excluding information such as job performance that cannot be used to identify an individual and information that has already been publicly disclosed) is not shared with any third parties except in the following cases.
  • When you consent to have your information shared
  • When published as statistical data that cannot identify individuals
  • When obtaining consent is difficult if sharing is required for protection of human life, health, or property
  • When sharing information is required by a legal entity such as law enforcement, public prosecutor, or legal court.
  • When required by law
Disclosure of Personal Information
We will respond immediately to any request from you for your own personal information that we have in our possession. Inquiries regarding disclosure of personal information should be made to our company contact telephone number. Please refrain from making inquiries via Email to ensure security.
Revisions, Additions, or Deletions of Content in Personal Information
Every effort is made so that personal information is accurate and up-to-date. If you request correction of your information, we will perform the necessary investigation without delay, and if there is an error in your information, we will correct the information. In addition, we will respond immediately to any request from you for additions to or deletions from your own personal information. Please contact us via the company contact telephone or Email regarding revisions, additions, or deletions in your personal information.
Suspension of Personal Information Use and Suspension of Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
We will respond immediately to any request from you to suspend use of your personal information or to suspend sharing of your personal information with third parties. Inquiries regarding suspension of personal information use and suspension of sharing personal information with third parties should be made to our company contact telephone number.
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