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Change is Opportunity

Thanks to all your support, this year we celebrate our 75th year in business.
Since our establishment, for a long time now, we have been involved in developing industry in Japan and overseas as a comprehensive plant construction company in the basic material industry as well as involved diverse industrial equipment design from procurement and production through to construction and maintenance. In recent years, utilizing the technology and skills acquired from these endeavors, we have expanded the scope of our activities to include the equipment business and engineering business.
In our midterm business plan which began this fiscal year, in response to the dramatically changing external environment, we are seeking to improve our added value and productivity based on a dual axis of "Expansion of growing industrial areas" and "Maintenance and expansion of existing businesses" to realize continuous growth by proceeding with the precise and flexible transformation of our business structure.

Our employees share a commitment to the company creed of "Pure heart, passion and hope." We believe in making things with a frank heart and a deep but rational passion. And we also believe, based upon our experience, that it is critical to continue to maintain bright sense of hope, full of dreams and aspirations.
As we pass through this milestone of 75 years in business, we aim to use it as a turning point to mark a new start for TAKADA Corporation to expand its activities around the world.
We ask all our shareholders, as well as all our stakeholders, for your continuing and generous support and guidance going forward.

Juichiro TAKADA, President
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