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It is possible to receive education and training in an environment similar to the actual site.

TAKADA Education Center
TAKADA Education Center is a comfortable multifunction facility for developing a wide range of human resources. On the site of 27,000m2, in addition to seminar room equipped with latest AV equipment, various practical training facilities, accommodation of 100 people, sports facilities such as the ground and tennis court are also equipped. Through their own systematic education, we will give clear goals to each.
Training equipments dedicated to
education and training
"Training equipments" for dedicated to education and training are set up in the Education Center.
This equipments is a self-circulating driving equipments utilizing water, and it is a equipments that can experience driving and maintenance.
We will conduct training similar to actual customer's equipment maintenance using this equipment, such as rotating equipment maintenance, adjustment, equipment diagnosis education, electric instrumentation training and safety education.
It is also used as a equipments for new employee education and short-term training of young employees.
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