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Batch Process Automated Wafer Cleaning Systems

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Batch Process Automated Wafer Cleaning Systems

Backed by years of experience, TAKADA is involved in the design and production of systems optimized for customers using out total engineering capability and making full use of clean technology, and conveyance and control technologies, etc.
We provide equipment easy to use in small spaces by using various engineering tools including 3D CAD.

Wafer Cleaning and Etching Equipment

Equipment Configuration (Assembly)
Inorganic chemicals such as APM, HPM, and SPM; organic chemicals such as IPA and developer; and various cleaning solutions and functional water
Conveyance State
Cassettes, drums, and carrier-free (Note: There are two types of conveyance robots: top and bottom)
Spin dryer, rinser dryer, IPA dryer (Note: IPA is an in-house product)

Special cleaning equipment

Using the clean technologies cultivated for the semiconductor industry, we design and manufacture various cleaning equipment that deliver a high degree of cleanliness.

Cleaning Testing and Development
We are involved in accumulating various cleaning technology data such as optimization and compacting liquid flow in a tank by making the tank interior visible in order to provide optimized processes in addition to equipment manufacturing.
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