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We demonstrate and support customers to use our equipment with confidence at the Technical Center.

Technical Center
We have installed ultrasonic cutting systems and single-wafer wet processing systems in the technical center for demonstrations and provide material application consultation upon request.

1. Demonstrations

Presentation Room
Ultrasonic Cutting System
  • Demonstrations and providing material application consultation upon request.
  • Please observe machine operation, etc. and verify the functionality of the machines.
Single-Wafer Wet Processing System
  • Using the demo equipment in our clean room, we optimize equipment by checking lift-off and stripping performance that includes selecting the chemical solution.

2. Support after delivery

Application support
  • We make proposals based on know-how unique to TAKADA so our equipment in use provides the best performance in terms of quality, productivity, and running cost.
    We will provide assistance for testing that is difficult to perform on-site such as new product development, process changes, and quality improvement.
Inspection Services
  • We recommend periodic inspections to increase the service life of the equipment.
  • We propose inspection schedules and inspection menus tailored to your budget.
  • Please feel free to contact us about problems, requests, or any other issues.

Email: bdevelop@takada.co.jp
Tel: +81-93-632-2600 / Fax: +81-93-632-2625 (Electronics Equipment Division Representatives: Furuki & Hirano)

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