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Dicing Frame Cleaner

TFC Catalog

The machine for cleaning of tape residue and fingerprints on dicing frames. It’s non-contact cleaning mechanism using the special jet nozzle with high performance.

Dicing Frame Cleaner

The TFC series is used during the wafer cutting (dicing) process
The tape residue and fingerprints adhering to the dicing frame is removed using jets.
Deterioration of cleaning performance due to transfer of glue and other adhesives is prevented because there are no contact parts such as brushes.

Examples of Cleaning

Basic Specifications

Application Single-wafer dicing frame cleaning
Targeted ring frame(s) Material Ring frames for dicing
Size For standard 6-inch wafers (handles various sizes)
Number of processing stations Single chamber (expandable)
Process liquids Organic stripping solution(s) and purified water
Scrap features High-pressure jet(s)
Conveyance robot SCARA robot with centering feature
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