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Genkai Nuclear Power Plant

TAKADA focuses efforts in pursuit of safety in nuclear energy plants operations through offering best-quality products, sophisticated technical and management capabilities.

Nuclear energy as foothold for 21-century energy demand.
The management system today of nuclear energy plant equipment is built up to respond to high-level safety requirements involving two-to-threefold protection measures.
In order to keep supplying this clean energy indispensable for the future, the nuclear facility needs be insured of their safe operations.
TAKADA, in its efforts to ensure the supply of high quality products, has established a quality assurance system that covers the entire production processes from design to delivery, thereby contributing to the enhanced safety of nuclear facilities.
In addition, even with new energies, such as solar power generation, wind power generation and hydrogen power generation clean energies, we utilize our skills to support consistent enforcement.
Stainless lining at nuclear energy plant
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