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Using the TAKADA Corporation Website

This website is administered by the TAKADA Corporation (“Corporation“). Please take note of the following precautions when using this website.

The Corporation may revise the conditions for using the website described on this page. If this is the case, we will post notification that the page has been revised. Please make sure that you are using the most recent information. In addition, should links to other websites administered by the Corporation or a third party be contained in this website, please observe all conditions of use because separate conditions of use may be stipulated.
Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights
Copyrights for copyrighted content on this website, trademarks included in published material, trade secrets, and all other intellectual property rights belong to the Corporation unless otherwise indicated. Unless otherwise stipulated, the Corporation does not grant the use of these intellectual property rights to users of this website. Users are prohibited from modifying published materials, using published materials for commercial purposes or for the purpose of disclosing, demonstrating, selling, or renting to the public, removing copyright and other intellectual property right displays from published materials, and transferring published materials to a third party.
The Corporation has taken great care to ensure the information on the website is accurate, however there may be inaccurate statements or typographical errors. The user assumes responsibility for the use of any information on this website.
The Corporation may change or delete information such as URLs without notice. Links to the website should point to the Top Page. The Corporation refuses linking from websites that may be harmful to the Corporation business activities or credibility such as websites that are offensive to public order and morals or websites that slander or defame.
In addition, the Corporation is not responsible for the content, status or operation of websites linked to from within this website.
Prohibited Actions
The following actions are prohibited when using this website.
  • Use or reproduction of this website or information on this website for commercial purposes (excluding transactions with the Corporation) and reproduction of the website source code
  • Any modification of information on this website, testing system vulnerabilities, sending or writing harmful computer programs or the like
  • Defamation of the corporation or any third party or harm to the honor or credibility of the Corporation or any third party
  • Actions that violate laws and regulations
  • Other actions that the Corporation deems inappropriate conduct
Governing Law
The interpretation and application of use and conditions of use of our website shall be governed by Japanese laws.
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